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0-K Nursery 1-5th grade Elementary

We love kids here at New Creation UMC.  Watching a kid light up with a huge grin or be filled with uncontrollable laughter, warms the heart.  Kids are important to us and that's why we work hard to create safe, exciting, and impactful experiences for your children. We partner with parents to shape your kids by teaching children Biblical values through fun lessons, silly games, creative dramas, and inspirational music.

We would like to ensure that every kid feels welcomed and safe.  Parents, if your kid has special needs or needs assistance we want you to know your kid is welcomed here and we would love to have them participate here.  Let us know ahead of time and we will work with you to make your kid feel at home.  

Our goal is that this will be the best experience of your child’s week, every week. We believe that your first experience with us will be welcoming, positive, and will set you at ease to enjoy a distraction-free worship experience. We hope you enjoy your visit to New Creation UMC, we know your children will. :)




7:30pm // Fridays 

0-K kids go into the education building and have a fun night of games and activities.  

Children and Youth go to the Youth Room (Level 3 of the three story building)




12:30pm // We provide separate Children worship service for all kids with children music, worship dance, and message at Education Building from 12:30 pm-1:00 pm. 


1:00 pm // Following the children's Service, kids will follow their teachers out to their classrooms.  

Nursery Kids (0-kindergarten)  // Go into the education building to follow a Play N Worship curriclum that is filled with music, dancing, games, activities, interactive lessons, and more.  

Elementary Children (1st-5th) // Go into the Sanctuary Lounge for a hands on lesson with crafts, activities, and more (stairs as you walk into the Sanctuary to the 2nd Level)


Henry Kang (Children Ministry Director) / Arthur Kim, Chloe Eister, Mason Do (Teachers) 

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